Best Inexpensive Full Coverage Concealer

Hi Everyone,

So I’m coming through with a quick little review on this concealer by Ruby Kisses this is their pure mineral concealer I got it last year when I was shopping in Nashville tn, I purchased two of these concealers at the beauty supply store for $3.99 I absolutely love this concealer it comes in a nice variety of shades and the coverage is amazing I like that its light weight and not heavy. I provided picture below showing a before and after they covered my dark spots perfectly I didn’t use any primer or foundation all I used was the concealer.



Versatile Blogger Award 

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I want to thank cassixmakeup for nominating me for this award 💙💚💛💜  please go check out her AMAZING blog as well. 


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7 Facts About Me

  1. Im 26 years old
  2. Im a Sagittarius 
  3. I love spicy food
  4. Horror movies crack me up 😂
  5. My favorite time of year is winter
  6. Im allergic to grass
  7. I love cookies and cream icecream🍦

    Thankyou again to cassixmakeup for the nomination

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    Favorite CoolTone Grey Lipsticks for WOC

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to share with you all real quick my favorite grey lipsticks at the moment when buying my lipsticks I always try to go towards shades that compliment my deeper skintone. I’ve been having these lipsticks for a while now and I absolutely love them they are very pigmented as you can see with the pictures I provided below the price ranges of these arent too bad they range from $8-16 out of all these colors I mostly gravitate towards grey over it, Its more brown on my than grey.  If you have any questions please comment below.


    O.Two.O highlighter enhancer drops|Review

    Hi Everyone,

    So todays blog is basically going to be a review on these highlighter drops I bought off of ebay the brand name of these are called O.Two.O they did come from China, These are somewhat a dupe/replica of the coverfx drops but much cheaper. When testing out new products I always tend to swatch on my arm because you never know if the product has an ingredient in it that will cause irritation so thats why I test on my arm/hand rather than my face. These highlighter drops have a nice smell nothing to over powering also I love how shimmery they are as well I purchased these in the shades gold and light copper if you have any further questions on these please comment below.
    See you next time


    Beauty Creations long wear Matte lipgloss 💄💋

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ll be sharing with you all today these liquid lipsticks I purchased from Beauty Creations I ordered these Sunday and Recieved them early Thursday. These liquid lipsticks glide on very easily and dries completely matte I havent had any trouble with flaking or transferring these retail for $4.99 each.

    Dark Chocolate|Chocolate|Hershey