L.A Colors Matte Liquid LipColor 💋💄

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I’m back with another little review today I’ll be reviewing these super affordable liquid lipsticks from L.A Colors that I’ve been having for a while I purchased these at my local dollar general store for about $3 or $6 honestly I don’t remember. When I purchase these I only got seven colors after wearing these on an off for awhile I will say that I am impressed with the quality there not sticky nor do they crumble on the lips. I will say for the lighter shades depending on your skintone you might want to use a lipliner but that’s pretty much it for todays blog if you have any questions please comment below


Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit|Review

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I’ve been having these liquid lipsticks for a couple of months now so i’ve had enough time to break them in and see what I like and dont like about them. From this collection I purchased five of the lipsticks from my local dollar general which I was surprised to know they sold them I paid around $3.00 for each one so they’re very affordable. As far as dislikes I have none these liquid lipsticks are very easy to apply to the lips I havent experienced any cracking or discomfort while wearing them so thats a major plus👍As always I will leave pictures and swatches below.

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First Impressions|CollabMakeup

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Today I will be giving you a first impressions on the collab makeup products I just found out about this new brand a couple days ago it was basically created by some beauty influencers which is pretty cool they do sell this collection at sallys beauty supply and on the collabmakeup website, I only purchased five items so im going to get into what I think of them.

Collab No Flaws Liquid Concealer (Mocha) I give this a 10/10 I love the coverage and how its not heavy at all also it blends into the skin very nice.

Collab No Flaws Cream Concealer (Tawny/Mocha) I give this a 10/10 for a cream concealer its not stiff or hard to blend like other concealers Ive used in the past.

Collab Meet Your Matte Foundation (Mocha) 10/10 Love that this foundation has a pump and its a nice size bottle also the coverage is amazing and leaves you with a nice matte finish.

Collab Contour & Glow Cream Sculpting Palette (Light/Medium) Im going to give this a 8/10 Just because Im still trying to figure this product out also the formula has a real wet feeling texture I did try the glow size it gives you that natural dewy highlighted look its not a bad product by any means and I also got the wrong palette shade but it’ll work.

Collab The Multi-Tasker Makeup Perfecting Sponge This sponge right here is absolutely perfect it has 10 angles that blends buffs and contour

Also here is some swatches of everything

Over all I love these products and think there a must buy I’ll also be doing a part 2 when I buy more products.

Where to buy



Brow Routine 2017

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I’ll be showing you all today how I get do my brows its pretty simple I only use a total of 4 products and theyre all drugstore products except 1 so lets get into it.

  1. Before I do anything to brows I always take a spoolie and brush them into place also I take my cliostyle electric trimmer and trim down my brows.

2. To line my brows I use my jessup 317 wing liner brush I dip that brush into the l’oreal 24hr lacquer liner in 173 espresso to just outline my brows after that I take my maybelline define a line brow pencil in brownish black to fill in the my inside of the brows, After that I set my brows with brow powder and proceed to clean them up with my concealer.

Finished Results

Products used:

  1. Spoolie
  2. Jessup 317 wing liner
  3. L’oreal 24hr lacquer liner 173 espresso
  4. Maybelline define a line brownish-black
  5. Profusion brow kit ( I used the darkest powders)
  6. Wet n wild photo focus concealer (dark cocoa)

Inexpensive Makeup Brushes for Beginners

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Just coming through real quick to share my all time favorite nice quality makeup brushes for Beginners and makeupartists. I will leave the links below for those who are interested.

Happy October 🍂🍁🍊

Beili Brushes:

Sylene Brushes: http://s.aliexpress.com/EBzu63YN

Jessup Brushes:

Z’oreya Brushes:


Products I use that help controls acne

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Hope you all are having a great monday so I thought I’d share a few products I use when im having an acne flare up because who has time for breakouts lol not me🙅. Of course drinking lots of water helps too as we all know, Quick PSA: These products do contain benzoyl peroxide and should only be used by itself do not mix these with other skincare products or soap you might experience irritation to the face and if you are allergic to anything that contains benzoyl peroxide please dont use this at all. And if you have used it and experienced irritation you can always use cortizone 10 cream it helps with the irritation. The products I use are the clean and clear advantage 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser this is just a face wash that helps prevent you from any future breakouts as well as exfoliates skin and treats acne this is a great product I dont really reach for it like I used to but it still gets the job done. Another favorite of mine the clean and clear persa gel 10 acne medication (maximum strength) this is pretty much a spot treatment I use this on the areas that im having a breakout it dries out the acne absolutely love this stuff like I stated before I dont use these together I only use one at a time as well as when I am using them I only wash my face with water. I hope this blog helped you get an clear understanding if you have any questions feel free to comment below