Palladio Metallic Matteđź‘„| Glamwithplatinumm

Hi Everyone,

Just like anyone else I love to shop but i also love a good deal and when it comes to makeup im all ways testing out new products if it catches my eye i’ll buy. So a a while ago i was in Sallys Beauty supply and came across the palladio velvet matte metallic liquid lipsticks and of course I had to buy the colors were to pretty to pass up so i ended up purchasing four. The things about these that i love is that the formula is very creamy and smooth when applying to the lips also they are inexpensive which is a big plus. So if you see these at your local sallys beauty supply store dont pass them up. Thankyou tuning in for todays blog.đź’ś

Shades: (Opulent) (Lavish) (Ritzy) (Gilded) 

Heres a couple of arm swatches in Natural light and Flash 


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