Perfect Nude/Brown Lipsticks💄

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite nude/brown liquid lipsticks with you all these liquid lipsticks are by the brand klean color. These lipsticks are perfect for any skintone also they are affordable there are some pros/cons with these so lets get into it.⬇

Pros: Affordable,Smells great,Pigmented 

Cons: Sticky

☆ My personal tips for sticky liquid matte lipsticks⬇

• Here is my go to tip to for fixing sticky liquid lipsticks, Fill in you lips with a lip liner the same shade or closest shade then add your liquid lipstick the lipliner acts as a base which gets rid stickyness ..Problem solved☺

♡- Shades (Canyon,Brick,Rootbeer,Doll,Caramel and Cinnamon)


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