How I Clean My Beauty Sponges/ Blenders

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ll be giving you all my personal tips that I use when cleaning my beauty blenders/sponges now I know when it comes to cleaning these sponges it can be a pain especially if your a new to using them everything im using can be found in your home. so lets get to it


Things you’ll need:

  • beauty sponges
  •  clear rubbing alcohol
  • Mild  face wash or detergent
  • hot water
  • bowl


When prepping the sponges to be clean you need boiling hot water I always put water in my microwave for 3:30 so it can get hot as I need then I start to add rubbing alcohol in the water to sterilize my beauty sponges as well as detergent to clean them. I normally let them sit in there for 5-10 mins but If yours are a little bit more dirty they need to stay longer. After there clean just rinse them off and there you go. Your brushes are clean hope this helped for those who struggle to clean there beauty sponges as I once did. Thank you for tuning in to todays blog.








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