How I store my makeup 

Hi Everyone,

As promised I will show you all how I store my makeup this is my 2nd attempt writing this the first one magically disappeared 😞  So lets break this down:

1st drawer: Held 10 of my liquid lipsticks

2nd Drawer: I was able to store 5 liquid lipsticks and 3 lip glosses 

Drawer 3: I was able to fit 4 blushes and 3 highlighters in here.

4th drawer: I was able to fit 3 eyeshadow pigments 1 cream shadow and this revlon eye art. There’s still room for 3 more things

5th drawer: Stored 9 paires of lashes, brow pencils/pomades,lash glue,tweezers,mascara,brow gel and primer

6th drawer: I was able to fit 3 setting powders, 3 face powders and 3 face primers

7th drawer: I can fit all 6 of my foundations and all 8 of my concealers 

  • To store my highlighters Im just using and old lotion holder that I’ve been having for a long time.

• This is just where I keep some of my face brushes and nail polishes

  • Over here is where the majority of my lipsticks go it holds exactly 40 lipsticks

  • This is where I keep my other lipsticks and lip liners 

  • To store my eyeshadow palettes Im using these frigidare cup organizers in this organizer it held 7 of my eyeshadow palettes

  • In this organizer i was able to store 10 eyeshadow palettes 2 highlighter palettes, 2 brow kits and 2 contour kits

Hope you all enjoy todays late blog if you have a question comment below



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