Tip of the day: How to clean dirty old lashes 

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a quick little tip on how I personally clean my old lashes, when it comes to lashes I like to  able to get a good wear out of them so this is the method I use

  1. Heat up water in the microwave  (set 2:30)
  2. Add rubbing alcohol
  3. Put dirty lashes in the water  let them sit
  4. While they’re soaking take a spoolie and move them around 
  5. I usually take them out for a minute to comb through them with my spoolie to make sure all the access glue/mascara is coming off.
  6. After that I place them in a fresh new bowl of water to make sure they are 100% clean
  7. When finished I put the lashes back in the original packaging comb them out with my spoolie and let them dry. Good as new.

Hope this was a helpful tip for you all unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the cleaning process.


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