How I Did My Makeup In Highschool 😩👧

Hi Everyone,

So I thought i’d do something a little fun I am going to explain to you guys how I did my makeup in the 12th grade which was back in 2010. Omg you guys this so terrible  😂 my so-called makeup routine was pretty simple for my brows I used to razor them real thin and fill them in with a super black eye liner, also I used that same eye liner to line my upper and lower lash line then I add mascara and lipgloss.  At that time I wasnt wearing eyeshadow,powder,concealer,or lipstick . I had no idea what contouring/highlighting was lol. But at that moment when I was doing this makeup routine I thought I was the sh*t  So I have the actual picture so share with you guys lol this is hilarious. If you would like a part #2 let me know 


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