First Impressions|CollabMakeup

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be giving you a first impressions on the collab makeup products I just found out about this new brand a couple days ago it was basically created by some beauty influencers which is pretty cool they do sell this collection at sallys beauty supply and on the collabmakeup website, I only purchased five items so im going to get into what I think of them.

Collab No Flaws Liquid Concealer (Mocha) I give this a 10/10 I love the coverage and how its not heavy at all also it blends into the skin very nice.

Collab No Flaws Cream Concealer (Tawny/Mocha) I give this a 10/10 for a cream concealer its not stiff or hard to blend like other concealers Ive used in the past.

Collab Meet Your Matte Foundation (Mocha) 10/10 Love that this foundation has a pump and its a nice size bottle also the coverage is amazing and leaves you with a nice matte finish.

Collab Contour & Glow Cream Sculpting Palette (Light/Medium) Im going to give this a 8/10 Just because Im still trying to figure this product out also the formula has a real wet feeling texture I did try the glow size it gives you that natural dewy highlighted look its not a bad product by any means and I also got the wrong palette shade but it’ll work.

Collab The Multi-Tasker Makeup Perfecting Sponge This sponge right here is absolutely perfect it has 10 angles that blends buffs and contour

Also here is some swatches of everything

Over all I love these products and think there a must buy I’ll also be doing a part 2 when I buy more products.

Where to buy


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