Howto: Apply lashes for Beginners|Requested

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be doing a requested blog today on how to apply lashes. I will list my personal steps as well as add photos.

Things you’ll need

▪ Lashes


▪Lash glue

☆Tip #1 Before adding glue to you lashes make sure you measure them on your eyes to make sure they fit, You can always cut off the access.

☆Tip #2 When putting the lashes on make sure they are close to your lashline. (I like wearing lashes w/ clear lash bands)

☆ Tip #3 Using tweezers to apply your lashes on your eyes in my opinion are better than using your hands, I always start to press them down in the middle and proceed to do the other sides.

☆Tip #4 If your worried about any visible gaps you can always use black eye liner on your lashline.

☆ Tip #5 Use mascara to blend your natural lashes w/ your falsies for a flawless finish.


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