Fall/Winter SkinCare 101: What am I using?

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be sharing with you all what Im currently using on my skin for the fall/winter months, As of right now my skin very dry and rough feeling I have had a couple of breakouts here and there but they finally vanished but left behind some darkspots. A little info on my skin I am oily in the spring/summer and dry in the fall/winter. Instead of washing my face in hot water like I always do I go for more lukewarm or cold water which makes my skin feel alot better and drinking plenty of water. Down below I will be sharing the products that ive been using and they are all drugstore products that you can easily find.

Dickinson Deep Cleasing Astringent: I use this to remove any dirt or oil on my skin I may have left over from wearing any makeup.

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear: This helps me fight breakouts and a gentle exfoliant.

Clean & Clear: Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub: Cleans out my clogged pores.

Ambi Fade Cream: I use this to get rid of dark spots that I have due to breakouts.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advance Therapy: I use this to give my skin some moisture its also for dry,cracked and irritated skin.


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