Blogmas #7 Sexy Datenight Eyelook 💋

Hi Everyone,

Today I created this sexy datenight look using the Beautycreations Butterfly Palette I did do a review on this palette a couple months ago if you havent checked it out feel free to do so. I loved how everything turned out with this look I only used 6 shadows I know that sounds like alot but it got the job done, details will be listed down below.


Transition Shade: Warm soil

Crease Shade: Milk chocolate

Lids: Night heaven & Graphite fantasy

Brow Bone: Peach cream & Summer breeze

* For this look I wanted my transition shade to be a little darker than I normally would have it which made the look stand out perfectly also the eyeshadows I used on my lids gave me this gunmetal type of feel which I love I added night heaven first and added graphite fantasy in the middle to give that spotlight affect. My brow bone I kept it simple with no shimmer shadows I used two matte shadows which are peach cream and summer breeze.


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