Cosmic Sky Inspired Eyelook🌌

Hey Everyone,

So the eyelook I created today is inspired by the cosmic sky now this wasn’t planned it just happend out of no where like alot of my looks, Anyways to create this look I used like 3 different eyeshadow palettes which I will leave the names of the palettes and eye shadows I used down below. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.

For the eyes of course I use a concealer as my base then set it with translucent powder so nothing moves, For my transition I use th shade “Basic” from my Pinky Rose Centerstage Palette moving on to the crease I used the shade “Pop Rocks” from the Pinky Rose Bright Lights palette. On my lids I used the shades “Boom” & “Pop Rocks” from the bright lights palette fusing those colors together getting some what of a gradient effect. For my Inner half of my eyes I used the shade “Tickle” From the bright lights palette and dragged it up to create a half cut crease. And for my tear duct I used the shade “Psychedelic” from the Badhabit Retro love palette.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog I tried to explain it the best way I could but its alot.



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