Matte Red Eyelook w|Glitter Half Cut Crease

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I created this look using the Centerstage Palette by Pinkyrose I was going for something a little different and came up with this, Now that ive mastered the half crease Ive feel in love with it. I wanted my lid color to be matte also I added a wing which I havent done in a while. Details on this look will be listed below If you have any questions or suggestions please comment.


So for my transition shade I went in with two shadows which are fame & weekend from the Centerstage Palette and blended that in so I wouldnt have any harshness For the crease I went in with coco to my eye some definition. On my lids I went in with the shade Havanna making sure I covered that whole lid area. To create my half cut crease I used glitter liner and for my winged liner I used L.A Colors Graphix Liner.


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