My Signature Smokey Eyelook

Hi Everyone,

So today I will be going over how I get my signature smokey eye this look is pretty easy to create this is my own personal method that ive been doing since 2016 and I decided why not share. The palette I used to create this look is the Beauty Creations 35 Color Pro Palette Jasmin.

When creating this look my mostly focus on the transition shade I use multiple of shades to get my desired look I used 4 eyeshadows for my transition which consists of multiple shades of brown light to dark mixed with purple, after that im blending those eyeshadows together so everything can come together. Going on to the lid I normally use a black base first but this time I just went in with the black eyeshadow and packed it on my lid evenly then start to blend again so theres no harshness to top everything off I mixed two gold eyeshadows together which I placed in my tearduct and for my brow highlight.

Hope you enjoyed todays blog



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