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Blogmas #9 Candles For The Holidays🎄☃❄

Hi Everyone,

As you know we are in holiday season and one of my guilty pleasures are scented candles but not just any ordinary scented candles I love candles that smell like pumpkin,cinnamon & etc scents like that are very calming to me idk why but they are. These candles are the ones I normally gravitate towards during the fall/winter months, Below I will share my all time favorite picks with you all. Hope you enjoyed this blog as always if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.



Blogmas #8 Favorite Perfume

Hi Everyone,

I felt like doing something different for blogmas today I’ll be sharing my favorite perfume which is ralph lauren midnight romance, I got this at dillards back in 2016. This perfume has the most amazing feminine scent its not over powering at all its a blend of pink peony and black vanilla. I think this would be a perfect addition to someones Christmas list.

Hope you all are enjoying blogmas I am a bit behind just because Im coming up with ideas, If you have any suggestions or questions comment below

♡ GlamWithPlatinumm

Blogmas #7 Sexy Datenight Eyelook 💋

Hi Everyone,

Today I created this sexy datenight look using the Beautycreations Butterfly Palette I did do a review on this palette a couple months ago if you havent checked it out feel free to do so. I loved how everything turned out with this look I only used 6 shadows I know that sounds like alot but it got the job done, details will be listed down below.


Transition Shade: Warm soil

Crease Shade: Milk chocolate

Lids: Night heaven & Graphite fantasy

Brow Bone: Peach cream & Summer breeze

* For this look I wanted my transition shade to be a little darker than I normally would have it which made the look stand out perfectly also the eyeshadows I used on my lids gave me this gunmetal type of feel which I love I added night heaven first and added graphite fantasy in the middle to give that spotlight affect. My brow bone I kept it simple with no shimmer shadows I used two matte shadows which are peach cream and summer breeze.

Blogmas #6 Brown Smokey Eye W/ Glitter Liner 🙃

Hi Everyone,

Im back with a quick blogmas look so I created a brown smokey eye and paired it with somr gold glitter liner so the look wouldnt be boring/basic, This isnt my best work my eyes were runing like crazy because of this lash glue but anyways I used the pinkyrose centerstage palette to create this. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.


Blogmas #4 Gold Glitter Holiday look| Ft. Pinkyrose Centerstage Palette 🎄

Hi Everyone,

I Finally got around to creating this full look. When creating this I wanted the eyes to be the main attraction thats why I paired it with a pinkish-nude lipgloss also I wanted a bright undereye so I left my setting powder on a little bit longer just to get the look I was going for all products will be listed below.

Products used:

Brows: I used a light brown brow pencil

Foudation: Collab Meet your matte (Mocha)

Concealer: Collab No flaws liquid Concealer (Mocha) – To clean up my brows. Collab No Flaws Cream Concealer (Tawny/Mocha) – To Conceal under my eyes & to highlight my forehead, chin and bridge of my nose. Collab No Flaws Concealer (Dark Peach) – I use this as a base for my eyeshadow.

▪ To set the concealer on my eyes I used Collab set the stage ultra fine loose setting powder in (Tan/Honey)

▪ To bake/ Set my undereye I used Jcat luxe pro powder (Banana)

▪ For the eyes I used the pinkyrose Centerstage Palette: For my Transition color I used the shade weekend and fame,for my crease I used the shade havana and on my lids I used the shade Infamy. The same shades I used for my transition and crease I put on my lower lash line.

Mascara: L.A Colors

Lashes: Aliexpress

Highlighter: Jcat (White Goddess)

Lips: L.A Colors highshine lipgloss (Dollface)

Contour: E.l.f contour kit (Deep)

Blush: Black Radiance (Toasted Almond)

Blogmas #3 Where to get affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi Everyone,

So I want to share with you all where I get my quality affordable eyeshadow palettes, When it comes to makeup Im on the hunt to find affordable brands because honestly Im not about to spend $30-$80 on just one product unless I really wanted it which is rare. All of these brands Ive bought things from as well as did reviews on, The names to the websites will be listed below for those who are interested.


Websites: (you can also get there products on the shophush app)