De’Lanci Glitter Eyeshadow Palette *Review*

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to share with you all a palette I just recieved from one of my favorite overseas brands Which is De’Lanci. I Purchased this glitter eyeshadow palette maybe a week and a half ago the shipping to me was fast and everything came packaged well nothing was damaged. The palette itself is so beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. I Paid $27.58I believe for this palette also its cruelty free.





De’Lanci Highlighter Palette Swatches

Hi Everyone,

So a couple of months ago I did a review on this highlighter palette and some other ones but never got a chance to swatch any of the colors. So here we go..πŸ’š ps: I still love this palette its inexpensive and high quality  if you want to know where I purchased this palette COMMENT BELOW.

W7 The naughty nine eyeshadow palette (Arabian nights) *Review*

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be doing a review on the w7 naughty nine palette so lets get into it. I purchased this palette on the 11th of this month on Amazon and recieved it today the colors in this palette are very pretty but the size of the palette is extremely small. As far as the pigmentation its okay I feel like the matte shades are more pigmented this is one of those palettes that you have to work with a bit. I’ll give this 8/10

Best Primer for oily skinΒ 

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I wanted to share with you all this primer ive been using on and off for almost a year which is the Neutragena shine control primer. I started using this product last spring because I noticed my skin was extremely oily when I had makeup on which has never happened before. I love this primer and a little goes along way the primer is white so make sure that it blended in the skin so it doesnt show up also its fagrenced so if you have sensitive skin this is probably not for you. 

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De’Lanci 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette|Glamwithplatinumm

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Today I wanted to share with you all another eyeshadow palette from De’lanci I Purchased this palette at the end of December and recieved it in January. Like ive stated many times before I absolutely love De’lancis formula for their eyeshadow palettes they are super pigmented. If you are intrested in this palette I will leave the link right here

Here are some swatches for you all to see

Palladio Metallic MatteπŸ‘„| Glamwithplatinumm

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Just like anyone else I love to shop but i also love a good deal and when it comes to makeup im all ways testing out new products if it catches my eye i’ll buy. So a a while ago i was in Sallys Beauty supply and came across the palladio velvet matte metallic liquid lipsticks and of course I had to buy the colors were to pretty to pass up so i ended up purchasing four. The things about these that i love is that the formula is very creamy and smooth when applying to the lips also they are inexpensive which is a big plus. So if you see these at your local sallys beauty supply store dont pass them up. Thankyou tuning in for todays blog.πŸ’œ

Shades: (Opulent) (Lavish) (Ritzy) (Gilded) 

Heres a couple of arm swatches in Natural light and Flash