Glitter Spotlight Smokey Eye

Hi Everyone,

Just coming through with a quick eyelook I was going for something dramatic but simple for this look I only used 3 eye products and thats it so its easy for anyone create. For my transition shade I just went in with a warm brown eyeshadow for my lid I used a super matte black eyeshadow going back to that warm brown shade I make sure that I blend blend blend so theres no harshness. To give the center of my lid a pop I used a Silver Glitter packing it on to my liking and thats pretty much it.

If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below



Black Radiance Color Perfect Foundation|Review

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ll be Reviewing the black radiance color perfect foundation I’ve been wearing this foundation for 2 weeks now and Im literally obsessed one thing I love about this foundation is that its oil free Ive stated this once before I have combination skin so this is perfect for my skin,It dries super fast giving a flawless matte finish and it also has a flat applicator. I purchased this foundation at my local right aid for $4.99 I believe so its affordable the shade I got was Cocoa Bean when it oxidized on my skin it was a lil dark but thats fine. Thats all for todays blog if you have any questions or suggestions please comment below


Aqua Eyes 🌊

Hey Everyone,

Awhile ago I did a look this but took it down due to I hated the way it looked so I decided to recreate this look. The Palette I used was the Pinkyrose “Bright Lights” Palette this was pretty easy look to create if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below


Eye Details :

Transition: I used the shade “cloud”

Crease: I used the shade “punky”

Lids: “Glitz”

Light Bronze Eyelook W/ Gold Half Cut Crease

Hi Everyone,

Honestly I didnt even know what to title this look I created, I just randomly woke up at 7am and started putting it together I must say it came out great lol dont pay my brows no attention they werent trying to cooperate in the slay. But anyways I created this look using my De’lanci 9 colors palette which I will have that review linked below and my femme couture glitter liner in “honey dust” for my half cut crease.

If you like this look let me know.

Link to Review:


Final Thoughts on Collab Meet Your Matte Foundation 😩🖓

Hi Everyone,

So Ive been using this foundation since october when I purchased it from sallys beauty supply it was one of there newest products created by some youtube beauty influencers, I purchased their darkest shade Mocha which looked the same as my complexion but… After using it for a while there are so many cons about this foundation which is pitiful this is supposed to be a matte foundation it takes forever for it to dry and when it does it leave a dewy finish instead of matte also it seems like when you apply it gets lighter which is a BIG NO! I was looking Dusty & Ghost like. The only good thing about this foundation is that it has a pump I feel like they couldve added a couple of more darker shades because Mocha is not cutting it. I swatch the foundation on my hand to show you how slowly it dries. This foundation gets a 5/10 from me.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below


This is a swatch I did on my arm of this foundation after 45 mins still not dry.

New Years Eyelook 2018 🎉🎊🍾

Happy Newyears Everyone,

I thought I’d share an eyelook I just created for newyears although it reminds me of Valentines day anyways this look wasnt planned it just happend and it turned out AMAZING!!! To create this look I used my De’Lanci Limited edition palette If you haven’t seen that review I will link it below.

Link to Review:


  • First thing I did of course was prime my eyes w/concealer.
  • After that I set that concealer on my eyes w/ some translucent powder.
  • For the eyes I go into my delanci limited edition palette I take the peachy matte shade which is the 2nd color on the top row and use it as my transition shade, after that I take the 1st pink shade and add it on my lids.
  • On my crease area I used the 3rd and 4th shade on the top row of the palette to give me some defintion.
  • Back to the lids I used the pink glitter shade which is 4th on the bottom row. I placed that glitter in the center of my lids just to give the look a pop
  • Last I used my femme couture eye drama glitter liquid liner in purple potion to create a half cut crease.

Lashes: Aliexpress

Brows: Collab shape and shade brow pencil (Rich Brown)