New Years Eyelook 2018 🎉🎊🍾

Happy Newyears Everyone,

I thought I’d share an eyelook I just created for newyears although it reminds me of Valentines day anyways this look wasnt planned it just happend and it turned out AMAZING!!! To create this look I used my De’Lanci Limited edition palette If you haven’t seen that review I will link it below.

Link to Review:


  • First thing I did of course was prime my eyes w/concealer.
  • After that I set that concealer on my eyes w/ some translucent powder.
  • For the eyes I go into my delanci limited edition palette I take the peachy matte shade which is the 2nd color on the top row and use it as my transition shade, after that I take the 1st pink shade and add it on my lids.
  • On my crease area I used the 3rd and 4th shade on the top row of the palette to give me some defintion.
  • Back to the lids I used the pink glitter shade which is 4th on the bottom row. I placed that glitter in the center of my lids just to give the look a pop
  • Last I used my femme couture eye drama glitter liquid liner in purple potion to create a half cut crease.

Lashes: Aliexpress

Brows: Collab shape and shade brow pencil (Rich Brown)


Collab The Filter Highlighting Liquid

Hi Everyone

Over the weekend sallys beauty supply had a buy 2 get 1 free on all collab makeup products So out of all 3 items this one is my favorite just because Im testing out a concealer and some loose powder just to see if I like it. So this liquid highlighter comes in a variety of shades I picked up the darkest shade just because it looked like it would compliment my skintone more which it does the shade I have it in is midnight toast, when using this a little goes a long way you dont need alot because it is a liquid. One thing I was excited about is that it comes with a pump so it easier to get the exact amount I need. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.


Pinky Rose Cosmetics -Centerstage & Bright Lights Palettes|Review

Hi Everyone, This blog today Im really excited about because I was eying these palettes like crazy I kid you not when they made it available to buy on their website I was ready with card in hand these palettes sold out really quick . Anyways I purchased both of these for $24.99 and it only took a week to arrive which is quick, The formula of these eyeshadows are so smooth and pigmented I also did some swatches so you all could see lol dont pay my swatches no attention I was rushing. The brightlights palettes comes with 9 matte shades 2 shimmer shades and 3 glitters, And the centerstage palette comes with 8 matte shades, 4 shimmer shades and 2 glitters. I will say when applying the glitters to your eyes its best using your fingers you’ll get a better application than with a brush. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.



Bonita Cosmetics Flawless Contour Kit|Review

Hi Everyone,

Over the weekend I was doing some shopping and came across this contour palette by Bonita Cosmetics that I found at my local riteaid for $8.99. I will say that this is a nice affordable palette and the texture is really smooth and pigmented. The highlight shades are too light for me which is ok but the contour shades are perfect for my skintone. There will be pictures and swatches below.

Affordable Lashes

Hi Everyone, This blog is going to be really short I just want to share some affordable lashes I purchased not to long ago with you all whether your a makeup artist or just a person who loves makeup these are great quality lashes for those who dont want to spend ton of money. I will provide pictures and a direct link to the exact lashes below.

Links to Lashes:

E.l.f Cosmetics Haul/Swatch

Hi Everyone,

Im going to be sharing with you all some items that I purchased from Elf Cosmetics all of these items that I purchased are inexpensive for those who are looking for good quality makeup products on a budget. I only picked up five items which are the Cream Contour Palette,Foundation Palette,Contour Palette,Bronzer Palette and Lightweight Concealer Stick everything I purchased came secure so there wasnt any damage to anything. I did do some swatches I am impressed with the pigmentation of these products especially the cream contour palette & foundation palette they are lightweight and not heavy at all so lets get into the swatches. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment below.

Foundation Palette: (Deep)

Cream Contour Palette

Contour Palette

Bronzer Palette

E.l.f Lightweight Concealer Stick

Profusion Holiday Collection|Review

Hi Everyone,

Todays review will be on the profusion holiday collection which I only purchased two things from, So I ordered two palettes which are the Naturals Palette and The Sultry Palette each palette was $10 with shipping and handling which was $10.95 which is ridiculous but I really wanted these palettes so I got them the shipping is pretty quick I ordered these on saturday and got them today. The eyeshadows are very vibrant,buttery soft and pigmented I will be doing some looks with both of these palettes. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below


Where to buy:

My Social Media



L.A Colors Matte Liquid LipColor 💋💄

Hi Everyone,

I’m back with another little review today I’ll be reviewing these super affordable liquid lipsticks from L.A Colors that I’ve been having for a while I purchased these at my local dollar general store for about $3 or $6 honestly I don’t remember. When I purchase these I only got seven colors after wearing these on an off for awhile I will say that I am impressed with the quality there not sticky nor do they crumble on the lips. I will say for the lighter shades depending on your skintone you might want to use a lipliner but that’s pretty much it for todays blog if you have any questions please comment below

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit|Review

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been having these liquid lipsticks for a couple of months now so i’ve had enough time to break them in and see what I like and dont like about them. From this collection I purchased five of the lipsticks from my local dollar general which I was surprised to know they sold them I paid around $3.00 for each one so they’re very affordable. As far as dislikes I have none these liquid lipsticks are very easy to apply to the lips I havent experienced any cracking or discomfort while wearing them so thats a major plus👍As always I will leave pictures and swatches below.

Xoxo GlamWithPlatinumm


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