Blogmas #3 Where to get affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi Everyone,

So I want to share with you all where I get my quality affordable eyeshadow palettes, When it comes to makeup Im on the hunt to find affordable brands because honestly Im not about to spend $30-$80 on just one product unless I really wanted it which is rare. All of these brands Ive bought things from as well as did reviews on, The names to the websites will be listed below for those who are interested.


Websites: (you can also get there products on the shophush app)


Blogmas #2 Blue Glitter Smokey Eyelook 💎

Hi Everyone,

Im back with another eyelook for this look I used two palettes which are the Profusion Naturals Palette and The De’Lanci Glitter Palette, I was going for a subtle Transition and Crease Color why I used a burnt orange and a warm brow shade. On my lids I used two eyeshadows from the naturals palette which are slick and enchant after that I used a turquoise blue glitter to give the eyelook a pop. Lately Ive been extremely inspired and creating looks if you would like for me to do a full glam tutorial on this look or any other recent looks Ive done feel free to comment below.


Howto: Apply lashes for Beginners|Requested

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be doing a requested blog today on how to apply lashes. I will list my personal steps as well as add photos.

Things you’ll need

▪ Lashes


▪Lash glue

☆Tip #1 Before adding glue to you lashes make sure you measure them on your eyes to make sure they fit, You can always cut off the access.

☆Tip #2 When putting the lashes on make sure they are close to your lashline. (I like wearing lashes w/ clear lash bands)

☆ Tip #3 Using tweezers to apply your lashes on your eyes in my opinion are better than using your hands, I always start to press them down in the middle and proceed to do the other sides.

☆Tip #4 If your worried about any visible gaps you can always use black eye liner on your lashline.

☆ Tip #5 Use mascara to blend your natural lashes w/ your falsies for a flawless finish.

Blogmas #1 Eyelook ft Pinkyrose Centerstage Palette

Hi Everyone,

I thought Id make this blog apart of blogmas Ive never done this before so I thought it would be fun. Today I created an eyelook using the pinky rose centerstage palette, when I create eyelooks I only do one side of my face lol. All products I will be listed below as well as photos.


Products Used:

• Brows: Palladio lipliner in (lightbrown)

• Concealers: Collab No flaws Liquid concealer (mocha) to clean up brows. Collab No flaws concealer (Tawny/Mocha) to highlight my undereye area. Collab No flaws under eye concealer (Dark Peach) as a base on my lids.

•Foundation: Collab Meet your matte (Mocha)

Setting powder: Jcat luxe pro powder (Banana)

Eyes: Pinkyrose Centerstage palette- For my transition color I used the shades Weekend and Fame,For my crease I used the shade cocoa. And for my outter v I used Havana. On my lid I used the badhabit Retro love palette eyeshadow in Icon as well as Psychedelic in my tear duct.

Lashes: Aliexpress

Mascara: L.a Colors

Improvising With Makeup Products That Just Wont Work 🤔😣

Hi Everyone,

I Just wanted to come through and share with you all how I made two makeup products work for me, So a little back story over the weekend I purchased two items from the collab collection which is their No flaws undereye concealer in (dark peach) and collab set the stage ultra fine loose setting powder in (tan/honey). So I tried using the undereye concealer to brighten my undereye and the loose powder to bake I looked like a freaking ghost👻. After that I came up with an idea to use that concealer as a eyeshadow base then I proceeded to set that with the loose powder it made my eyeshadow pop even more which I love and now I dont have to throw these products away.😉 If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.


Collab The Filter Highlighting Liquid

Hi Everyone

Over the weekend sallys beauty supply had a buy 2 get 1 free on all collab makeup products So out of all 3 items this one is my favorite just because Im testing out a concealer and some loose powder just to see if I like it. So this liquid highlighter comes in a variety of shades I picked up the darkest shade just because it looked like it would compliment my skintone more which it does the shade I have it in is midnight toast, when using this a little goes a long way you dont need alot because it is a liquid. One thing I was excited about is that it comes with a pump so it easier to get the exact amount I need. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.