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Blogmas #9 Candles For The Holidays🎄☃❄

Hi Everyone,

As you know we are in holiday season and one of my guilty pleasures are scented candles but not just any ordinary scented candles I love candles that smell like pumpkin,cinnamon & etc scents like that are very calming to me idk why but they are. These candles are the ones I normally gravitate towards during the fall/winter months, Below I will share my all time favorite picks with you all. Hope you enjoyed this blog as always if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.



Blogmas #8 Favorite Perfume

Hi Everyone,

I felt like doing something different for blogmas today I’ll be sharing my favorite perfume which is ralph lauren midnight romance, I got this at dillards back in 2016. This perfume has the most amazing feminine scent its not over powering at all its a blend of pink peony and black vanilla. I think this would be a perfect addition to someones Christmas list.

Hope you all are enjoying blogmas I am a bit behind just because Im coming up with ideas, If you have any suggestions or questions comment below

♡ GlamWithPlatinumm

Blogmas #7 Sexy Datenight Eyelook 💋

Hi Everyone,

Today I created this sexy datenight look using the Beautycreations Butterfly Palette I did do a review on this palette a couple months ago if you havent checked it out feel free to do so. I loved how everything turned out with this look I only used 6 shadows I know that sounds like alot but it got the job done, details will be listed down below.


Transition Shade: Warm soil

Crease Shade: Milk chocolate

Lids: Night heaven & Graphite fantasy

Brow Bone: Peach cream & Summer breeze

* For this look I wanted my transition shade to be a little darker than I normally would have it which made the look stand out perfectly also the eyeshadows I used on my lids gave me this gunmetal type of feel which I love I added night heaven first and added graphite fantasy in the middle to give that spotlight affect. My brow bone I kept it simple with no shimmer shadows I used two matte shadows which are peach cream and summer breeze.

Fall/Winter SkinCare 101: What am I using?

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be sharing with you all what Im currently using on my skin for the fall/winter months, As of right now my skin very dry and rough feeling I have had a couple of breakouts here and there but they finally vanished but left behind some darkspots. A little info on my skin I am oily in the spring/summer and dry in the fall/winter. Instead of washing my face in hot water like I always do I go for more lukewarm or cold water which makes my skin feel alot better and drinking plenty of water. Down below I will be sharing the products that ive been using and they are all drugstore products that you can easily find.

Dickinson Deep Cleasing Astringent: I use this to remove any dirt or oil on my skin I may have left over from wearing any makeup.

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear: This helps me fight breakouts and a gentle exfoliant.

Clean & Clear: Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub: Cleans out my clogged pores.

Ambi Fade Cream: I use this to get rid of dark spots that I have due to breakouts.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advance Therapy: I use this to give my skin some moisture its also for dry,cracked and irritated skin.

Blogmas #6 Brown Smokey Eye W/ Glitter Liner 🙃

Hi Everyone,

Im back with a quick blogmas look so I created a brown smokey eye and paired it with somr gold glitter liner so the look wouldnt be boring/basic, This isnt my best work my eyes were runing like crazy because of this lash glue but anyways I used the pinkyrose centerstage palette to create this. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below.


Blogmas #4 Gold Glitter Holiday look| Ft. Pinkyrose Centerstage Palette 🎄

Hi Everyone,

I Finally got around to creating this full look. When creating this I wanted the eyes to be the main attraction thats why I paired it with a pinkish-nude lipgloss also I wanted a bright undereye so I left my setting powder on a little bit longer just to get the look I was going for all products will be listed below.

Products used:

Brows: I used a light brown brow pencil

Foudation: Collab Meet your matte (Mocha)

Concealer: Collab No flaws liquid Concealer (Mocha) – To clean up my brows. Collab No Flaws Cream Concealer (Tawny/Mocha) – To Conceal under my eyes & to highlight my forehead, chin and bridge of my nose. Collab No Flaws Concealer (Dark Peach) – I use this as a base for my eyeshadow.

▪ To set the concealer on my eyes I used Collab set the stage ultra fine loose setting powder in (Tan/Honey)

▪ To bake/ Set my undereye I used Jcat luxe pro powder (Banana)

▪ For the eyes I used the pinkyrose Centerstage Palette: For my Transition color I used the shade weekend and fame,for my crease I used the shade havana and on my lids I used the shade Infamy. The same shades I used for my transition and crease I put on my lower lash line.

Mascara: L.A Colors

Lashes: Aliexpress

Highlighter: Jcat (White Goddess)

Lips: L.A Colors highshine lipgloss (Dollface)

Contour: E.l.f contour kit (Deep)

Blush: Black Radiance (Toasted Almond)